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Plastic Insulation Sheet in the Installation Guide

We just found out that our printed Installation Guide that is packaged with all our Hardwired Power Strips was not updated. The Guide still carries instructions mentioning Plastic Insulation Sheet which is no longer used and needed. This practice is

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Regarding GFI or GFCI outlets

We have received quite some calls lately from our customers or potential customers who would like to know if we have any models of power strips, especially hardwired power strips that have GFI or GFCI outlets. We are sorry to

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TR Outlets

Many of our existing customers and even some potential customer contacted us to inquire if we have power strips or hardwired power strips that have tamper-resistant outlets. We know that in many states, it is already mandatory that power strips,

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Hardwired Power Strips with White 20Amp Outlets

Recently we got a few calls asking if we have (white) hardwired power strips with White 20 Amp Outlets. Too bad, we do not. The reason is the cost. Now even the black 20 Amp outlets are already many times

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New type of hardwired power strip, thinner

Prototype of new style hardwired power strip comes out. Looks much better, and feels good. Soon to be ready for the market.