Yellow Wire Connectors WC050


Yellow Wire Connectors WC050


Reference: EPA-WC050


Wire Connectors 

EPA-WC050  Yellow Wire Connectors

  • Yellow Wire Connectors (also known as Terminal Connectors) for Hardwire Type Power Strips
  • With Easy-to-Operate Wings for Twist-on
  • Temperature Rating 105C (221) Max
  • Voltage Rating 300V Max
  • Building Wiring 600V Max
  • Flammability V-2
  • Size 1.03″ or 26mm
  • Wire range: 14-8AWG

Installation Guideline:

1. Turn off power before installing or removing connectors
2. Strip wire 3/4″ (19mm)
3. Pre-twisting unnecessary. Hold stripped wire together with ends even
4. Align any frayed strands or conductors
5. Push wires into connector and twist on until the wires are tight and secured


Different power source wiring may require different wire connectors. If you are not an electrician, before you purchase this item, please consult your local electricians or professionals for advice, and install according to applicable local Electrical Code.


This item can be purchased at your local hardwire stores for electrical supplies such as Home Depot or Lowes. We only provide this item as an added convenience to our customers. Please order this item Only when you are ordering our hardwired power strips to go with.

These items may (or may not) be packed loose, as we buy them in bulk, to be shipped with your hardwired power strip order.


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