Universal AC/DC Multi-Voltage Output Adaptor 1800UF

SKU: PT-1800UF.

Universal AC/DC Multi-Voltage Output Adaptor 1800UF




Universal AC/DC Adaptor with USB

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   PST-1800UF Universal AC/DC Adapter with USB Output

This professionally engineered power supply has neglibible ripples. It has stood the test of time, and it can work with a great number of digital devices.


  • Advanced Switching Type Designed Circuit
  • Designed for Most DC Powered Portable Home Electronic Devices of up to 1800mA Max.
  • Worldwide Voltage Input (100-240V), Auto-Adjust
  • Multi Regulated DC Output (34.567.5912V), 1800mA Max.
  • USB Output at 5V 2A
  • High Efficiency
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • 6 Most Commonly Used Adaptor Plugs
  • Innovative Voltage Selecting Button
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Good for MD Players, CD Players, MP3 Players, Digital Recorders, Walkman, Cordless Telephones, Radio Clocks, Hand-held Games, Some Toys and so on
  • Compact, Convenient, Simple and Easy

NOTE: It is a commonly known international practice that due to the properties of switching type circuit, use of this item with radios, specially for reception of AM band programs, is not recommended as it may cause unwanted noise during operation.


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